The Church


Christ Church Bangkok
 Photograph by Duriya Phiammattawat


The church is the place where the congregations gather together in worship, the Bible is read, the Word of God is preached and the sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism are celebrated.

Christ Church has been hallowed by constant worship for more than a century. May all who enter it encounter the living God: in word and sacrament; in the beauty of music and architecture; in the warmth of fellowship and the strength of community; in the exposition of scripture and the depths of prayer.

The church is entered through a porch formed by the base of the tower.

New needs and different styles of worship frequently require changes to be made, so do not be surprised if what you see in church differs from what is presented here.



Christ Church Bangkok
Plan of church interior



1) The Bell

2) The Font - is traditionally near the main entrance door.

3) Tablets to the left of the west door

Brass plate bearing an inscription about the establishment of the Church

Memorials to Colonel V.H.Jacques, Katherine S.B.Ames, and Dr Colin Britton

4) Rose Window - above the west door

5) The Screen

6) Tablets to the right of the west door

Brass plate recording the presence of H.M.Queen Elizabeth II at divine service in 1972 

Memorials to Louis Thomas Gunnis Leonowens, Arthur Arnold Porter, Henry Hooker and Frederick Henry Smiles

Framed poster explaining the significance of the  windows high up on the north and south walls 

7) Window showing Jesus calming the storm

8) Door - to an open corridor leading to the Li Hall

9) The Congregation

10) The Lectern

11) The Organ

12) Communion Table

13) The Choir - Seating is provided for 24 choristers but some of it has been moved to make more room in the body of the church.

14) Altar rails - donated in 1956 as a memorial to Mr G.R.Brooks

15) Window - representing the appearance of Christ to Mary Magdalene on the first Easter morning

16) East Window - representing Christ crucified.

A communion table (altar) stands beneath the East Window.

17) Window - “Let the little children come to me”

18) Vestry

19) The Pulpit - from which sermons can be preached

20) Window -  “Faith”